Sunday, July 24, 2011

Copic Marker Box

Here is how you can make your own box. First you need the   ArtBin Double Deep W/ Removable Divider 
For the insert that hold the markers in place, it is really very easy. Here is what you need .

This is the grid that hold the markers in place. It is only florescent light covers from Plaskolite I bought mine at Lowes.
You can cut the grid with wire nippers. The size is 19 holes x 19 holes. (that means you have that dimensions  after cut. )  You need two of them.
On the bottom layer you will need to make a notch on the back side. I hope you can tell with this picture.
Then you need 

  1. 4 - 1/4 in. x 51/2 inch lag bolts 
  2. 12- 1/4 in. washers
  3. 4 - 3/8 in. washers (for the first washer where the lag notch is. 1/4 will be too small.) 
  4. 12- 1/4 in. nuts
  5. 4- 1/4 in. cap nuts (they are just glued in place. This will protect the bottom of the box.)
  6. 8 - 1/4  inside diameter one inch long nylon couplers. (I had to use 2 for each corner.) or 4 if you can get 2 in. long couplers.

 Top view with the lid shut.
 Side view laying down.
 Side view sitting on end.

Well let me know what you think. Any questions I will try to answer.
Thanks for stoppin by.


  1. This looks terrific. I may just try and figure out if I can make this with all the nuts and bolts! What a wonderful idea and creation..........

  2. Thank you for a fantastic idea !! The cost of this will be a fraction of the cost of Copic marker stands, which I can not afford any way. My copics are in a repurposed mailing box with cereal box dividers LOL

    It looks clear except the part where you say " on the bottom cut a notch on the back side" Is that notch in the center??
    I am going to Lowes tomorrow with a copy of your picture and list :)
    Thanks again,
    Barbara Jay

  3. Hi there!!!
    What a great idea!!! I have a few of these containers laying around and I had thought that it would be great for copics...but the only thing that bothers me is "what do you do with the lid?" It is not removable and it is so large to swing it open...I have such a tiny work space as it is. What do you suggest? Also I thought at the light covers would make a perfect "marker holder" but I could not get my Sketch markers to fit into the holes...They were to tight and "scraped" my markers. Again...what do you think? (I have every color plus spicas plus multi lines...all in sketch)

  4. Terri, this is fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing. I'm DIY challenged and a little OCD, so let me get really specific. So when you assemble the grids, is this the order?
    Put larger washer on lag bolt
    Top grid
    Smaller washer
    Two 1-inch couplers (or one 2-inch coupler)
    Smaller washer
    Bottom grid
    Smaller washer
    Glue on cap screw to act as a foot (any special kind of glue?)
    REPEAT three more times!

  5. Awesome!!! I need 2 of these.

  6. Made mine, here is my post.

  7. I love the improvement you made on the Copic box I posted last April. The bolts in the corner work so much better than the block blocks I originally designed it with. My husband recommended I use carriage bolts instead of Lag bolts because of the point on the end of the lag bolts. So I have gotten the hardware and I just have to change it. It has been fun to see the different improvements people have made since my first post, but I think that this is the best one yet. Great job.

  8. This is so clever! I just started with copics and have them laying haphazardly in a basket that I need for other things...Thanks so much for sharing :)

  9. So creative and so sweet, to share your awesome idea with everyone. Thank you! Thank you!

  10. WOWZERS!! Aren't you clever!! This is a GREAT idea Terri!

  11. AWESOME!! Yes, yes! I have a question!! How much would you charge to make me one!! Hehe!! I am WAY serious!! I LOVE it!! Thanks!!

    Enjoy Life~Javablustamper/Jacquie

  12. Hi Terri
    Not sure how to reply to you so I've gone this way!! Thanks for your lovely comment on my Santa card... The image is called Old St Nick and is by Sugar Nellie... but I've searched their website and they no longer keep it in stock it would seem. You could always email them to ask whether it's retired or not?? Or if you would like me to stamp some images for you I could do that - it'd be too late for Christmas now but you could use them for next year - Let me know... my email is on my blog.

    LOVE this way of Copic storage btw!!
    Christine x

  13. What size is the case that you are using?

  14. Seriously, this is the smartest box idea I've seen! Thank you for sharing!
    hugs, Rita

  15. This is a great idea and I'm getting ready to make mine. Just a note because I bought the wrong things and didn't realize until I got home. Those are not lag bolts. Lag bolts screw into wood. The hex nuts will not thread onto lag bolts. You need machined threads and they are typically called carriage bolts. Can't wait to get mine completed. Thank you for this post.

  16. Hey there, I just made this, it was easy. Thanks for the clear instructions. The copic sketch markers go in nice ... though very snug. But the issue is when I go to pull out a marker, the lower pen cap gets pulled off by the snug fit squares of the Plaskolite and falls in and then I'm stuck lifting out the whole insert to get that lid... then my hand gets scratched up from where I cut the Plaskolite with wire cutters as a bunch of the markers fall through all the holes. Sadly, this won't work for copics for me. It's great for all my other pens and markers. Didn't anyone else have an issue with this?

  17. Hi
    Can I ask how big the holes in your grid is?

  18. We put mine together last night. The lag bolts were too long, so the pens were hard to grab. We got bought 4 1/2" and they were more like your photo.
    Also, we couldn't find the spacers you mentioned. I saw that in some cases, water line PVC worked, I work with polymer claw so I wrapped the bolts with some scrap clay and baked it on the bolts. When cooled we took them off and assembled. Thank you for your help.
    I love that I can carry them with a handle and with grandchildren in the playroom next to my craft area, I can pick up the case and tuck them safely out of reach.